The Long-Term Care Ombudsman program is an independent state agency that serves long-term care facility residents through complaint investigation, resolution and advocacy for improvement in resident care.  

The vision of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman is that Oregon's citizens living in nursing facilities, residential care facilities, assisted living facilities and adult foster care homes deserve quality care. They should enjoy freedom from abuse and neglect and the freedom to make choices about their care.  

The mission of Oregon's Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program is to protect individual rights, enhance quality of life, improve care, and promote dignity of residents living in Oregon's licensed long-term care facilities.  Program staff work with a statewide network of over 180 volunteers who work in their own communities in a variety of roles to achieve this vision and mission.   

The services of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman program are free and available to residents, families, facility staff, and the general public.  Ombudsmen respond to a wide variety of resident concerns, including problems with resident care, medications, billing, lost property, meal quality, evictions, guardianships, dignity and respect, and care plans. The program serves residents in nursing facilities, residential care facilities, assisted living facilities, continuing care facilities, and adult foster care homes. 

Complaints are investigated and resolved by staff and trained and certified volunteer ombudsmen assigned to facilities throughout the state. Beyond complaint investigation and resolution, ombudsmen strive to be the eyes and ears of residents and to advocate for improvements in their quality of life and quality of care.   The program also provides hundreds of free consultations each year to individuals struggling with the complexities of the long-term care system.