Pro Bono Public Guardian

Pro Bono Public Guardians receive education, training and ongoing mentoring from the OPGC program. They will conduct case management and client decision making in accordance with NGA model standards, OPGC program policy and state law with consideration for the least restrictive, most normalizing course of action.

OPG Client Support

Client Support Volunteer develops a warm, supportive relationship with the client by providing a variety of support tasks, assistance with personal needs, and engaging in activities with the client. To ensure client well-being and safety while allowing the client to maintain the greatest amount of independence the Client Support Volunteer works closely with the client’s care/support team.

OPG Program Volunteer

Provides support and assistance to the Oregon Public Guardian and Conservator and program staff:

  • Clerical tasks: data entry, answer phones, filing, etc.
  • Organize and inventory client belongings
  • Develop program outreach material and events
  • Training class material and room setup
  • Assist with tasks that provide support to OPG clients

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