About Us

The Residential Facilities Ombudsman program (RFO) provides advocacy services with and on behalf of 8,200+ individuals living in more than 2,300 licensed or certified homes for Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities as well as homes for Mental Health Conditions statewide.

The RFO opened our program and began visiting homes in eastern Oregon counties July of 2016. To date, we have visited 100% of homes in more than 16 counties, providing community outreach introducing the program at the same time responding to requests for assistance from virtually every county in the state.

Our goal in 2018/19 is to visit 100% of the homes in 8 additional counties, respond to all requests for assistance as well as develop, recruit and train an initial group of volunteer certified ombudsman in select communities. This initial group of volunteers will provide a foundation of training and support that we will be able to grow to every area of the state.

When we are not visiting individuals in their homes and opening services to new areas of the state you will find us conducting community outreach, giving presentations. We also work with state and local offices towards improving systems as well as share recommendations with the legislature.

The Residential Facilities Ombudsman program (RFO) is part of an independent state agency that is resident rights and client driven.

Our services are free and confidential.

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