What do we do?

The Residential Facilities Ombudsman Program (RFOP) and its designees, provide advocacy services with, and on behalf of, more than 8,000 vulnerable Oregonians living in homes and facilities licensed or certified for Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities or Mental health conditions across the state.

Individuals receiving services in licensed or certified settings, may feel alone, isolated and that they have no voice in the daily care they receive. The RFOP and its designees are advocates from the person’s perspective, communicating concerns and resolving problems by providing advocacy, support, education and empowerment. We do this by:

  • Visiting individuals in their homes through regular, unannounced visits
  • Identifying and investigating concerns on behalf of individuals
  • Assisting individuals to resolve complaints and exercise their rights
  • Identifying and reporting systemic issues affecting services for individuals


The RFOP spends hundreds of hours each year working with individuals living in licensed or certified homes and facilities for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health conditions. We work to identify, investigate and resolve the concerns of individuals from their perspective.

The program consistently empowers residents to know their rights, and often provides a voice for those who may not be able to speak up for themselves. To view a list of rights granted to each individual in a home or facility licensed or certified for Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities or Mental health conditions, please click on the following links:

Mental Health

Residential Treatment Facilities/Residential Treatment Homes - Adults

Adult Foster Homes - Adults

Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities

24-Hour Residential Homes/Facilities – Adults and Children
Foster Homes – Adults and Children


We are here for you!

We are knowledgeable in individual rights, problem solving, communication, intervention, negotiation, and the laws and rules that govern homes and facilities licensed for Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities or Mental Health conditions. We advocate for improving the quality of life for individuals by listening to their concerns and assisting in resolving unmet needs and concerns.

We work to resolve the concerns of individuals to the best of our abilities and to the greatest extent of the law. All services are provided at no charge, and all complaints are confidential.